High Performance Laptops is the passion project of long-time tech journalist, Nick Ross. Nick started reviewing tech in the early naughties with PC Pro in the UK where he was known for extreme group tests that could take a year. He then moved to Australia where he went on to become the editor of PC Authority magazine. He left to start his own publishing company which is responsible for The Overclocker and, six weeks later… Burlesque Magazine.

When the GFC hit in 2008 he moved on to become the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s (ABC) founding Technology Editor, where he was noted for his long-form scientific journalism. He subsequently moved on to become Editor of PC World before moving into marketing. However, while marketing he has continued to freelance for the likes of Tech Radar, APC magazine, Tech Life magazine, PC Gamer and iTwire. He’s also been the Editor of Business IT (BIT).

High Performance Laptops

High Performance Laptops is a site that aims to cover reviews, news and features of High Performance Laptops. While it’s based in Australia, the global nature of the products on test and the announcements about them make all articles relevant globally. All reviews are text based with numerous images. Reviews are designed to be readable, informative and entertaining. There are other sites that will go into more detail but High Performance Laptops seeks a balance between giving you all the relevant information as concisely as possible. It leaves you with a purchase decision – should you buy it or something else instead.

High Performance Laptops is a nascent site that is adding new features all the time. Down the line we’ll have group comparisons, buying guides, benchmark comparisons and more.

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The site is fully independent and will never allow a vendor to impact on our integrity.