Check out MSI’s new 14-inch Stealth 14 AI Studio laptop

Check Out MSI’s New 14-inch Stealth 14 AI Studio – A Unicorn Laptop!

MSI has launched it’s latest line of laptops with Ai-infused, 14th-generation Intel ‘Meteor Lake’ processors and one of the most desirable is the 14-inch Stealth 14 AI Studio. There are a few versions to choose from and the deal is being sweetened by a launch sale that’s hundred’s of dollars off plus a special Steam deal whereby buyers can get a $50 Steam Voucher on any new-gen laptop purchase. MSI commissioned High Performance Laptops to tell you what’s good about it.


The new Stealth 14 AI Studio is all about work and play, all at once. It has an exclusive, ‘Star Blue’ colour that, we’re told, evokes a starry night on a dark sky which represents, “The ideals and spirit of epic adventure.” What we can absolutely attest to is that the magnesium-aluminium alloy chassis looks cool with its (literally) sharp lines, understated Dragon logo and subtle RGB flourishes. It will fit into any environment and turn heads when needed or stealthily hide in plain site, as required.

MSI Stealth 14 AI Studio rear
A ninja armed with RGB shouldn’t make sense and yet, a single look at the MSI Stealth 14 AI Studio, shows that it does.


The Stealth 14 AI Studio features a high-quality, head-turning SteelSeries RGB keyboard that’s comfortable and accurate to use for extended bouts of design work, typing and gaming. A large, centrally aligned trackpad sits beneath it – avoiding your wrists when you’re typing.

MSI Stealth 14 AI Studio front
The Ai-based MSI Artist app makes image generation simpler than anywhere else, thanks to the MSI Stealth 14 AI Studio.

Above the screen, there’s an Ai-augmented, Full HD webcam that uses the new Intel processor’s NPU to efficiently enhance image quality, background blur, automatic framing and audio clarity. It’s partnered by infra-red cameras for Windows Hello log-in plus, there’s an orange privacy slide to provide absolute peace of mind that nobody’s spying on you.

The screen is stunning, even compared to other OLEDs. In addition to the 16:10 (artist-friendly Golden Section) ratio, it has an enormous 2,880 x 1,800 resolution that allows you to work forensically upon UHD media files or keep multiple applications visible at once – extraordinary for a 14-inch screen. It has a 120Hz refresh rate to keep games running silky smooth. Plus, it supports Windows HDR for perfectly smooth transitions and contrast that reveals new details in bright and dark areas of the screen. It also makes bright lights jump out of dark scenes for maximum immersion.

The diminutive chassis also manages to squeeze-in four (count’em) speakers which include two, 2-Watt woofers. The result is loud, punchy sound that’s ripe with bass and further enhanced by Dynaudio design and Nahimic adjustments.

Artificial Intelligence

The Ai designation doesn’t just refer to the Intel insides, MSI has included many features to stand out from the pack. One is the highly-regarded MSI Artist app which makes Ai-generated imagery locally on the laptop – you don’t need an expensive subscription or a web connection to another service.

Furthermore, the powerful MSI Center app features the MSI AI Engine which uses Ai to learn from your behaviour and optimise lighting, audio, visual, power and performance facets in real-time, in the background, without you being bothered. Meanwhile, MSI’s App Player (developed with BlueStacks) provides a seamless gaming experience between your laptop and phone.

Connectivity Highlights

There’s a full complement of connections which include HDMI 2.1 for simple external display connections (especially useful when visiting client offices). Thunderbolt 4 provides lightening-quick, universal (powered) connectivity to other peripherals (including other monitors). Wi-Fi 7, meanwhile, affords file transfer speeds that exceed 1,500Mbps which is enough to work upon UHD videos from across a network.

14th Generation Intel Inside

Then there’s the processor itself which is Intel’s Core Ultra 9 185H. This squeezes in six Performance cores, eight Efficient cores and two Low Power Efficient cores that operate between 1.0 and 5.1GHz. There’s also Intel’s new Neural Processing Unit. You won’t want for speed!

Up to 96GB of fast, DDR5-5600 RAM is supported and a generous 2TB of fast, NVMe storage is included.

Good for Gaming

3D power comes courtesy of a tasty Nvidia GeForce RTX 4070 GPU which has 8GB of GDDDR6 RAM (RTX 4060 and 4050 variants are also available). This enables the Stealth 14 AI Studio to excel at both gaming and 3D-based rendering workloads. All the while, a special Vapor Chamber Cooler, twin fans and bespoke thermal flow tracks, help keep the closely knitted components ticking over without compromising performance.


All of this performance is available in a small, 19mm-thick, sub-1.7KG chassis that’s robust enough to survive life on the road. A sizable 72Wh battery means you can keep it mobile throughout the day.

Available now

If you’re quick, you can pick-up one of MSI’s new ‘Meteor Lake’ laptops in its launch sales and save hundreds of dollars. To sweeten the deal further, MSI is also giving away a $50 Steam Voucher to all buyers within the promotional window (see below).

So, don’t delay, whatever type of laptop buyer you are, check out the trifecta of power, features and portability afforded by the unicorn laptop that is the Stealth 14 AI Studio, right now!

MSI Laptop Steam Promo
Get a free Steam Voucher with every new purchase.


The invoice date must be between 0:00 AM, March 1st – 11:59 PM and May 31st, 2024, Australian Eastern Standard Time.

All redemption must be completed between 0:00 AM, March 1st – 11:59 PM, June 30th, 2024 Australian Eastern Standard Time.

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