Here are the best MSI Back To School Laptop Deals in Australia in 2024

Here are the best MSI Back To School Laptop Deals in Australia in 2024

The kids are going back to school in a couple of weeks and that means there are some great laptop deals available – not just models for students and small children, but every flavour of laptop from road-warrior ultraportables to gaming powerhouses. So, what are the best laptop deals in Australia’s MSI Back To School sales?

MSI Back to School sale.
MSI’s 2024 BTS laptop sale.

MSI commissioned High Performance Laptops to wade through its wide-ranging offers to pick-out some of the best and most-notable notebooks in the sales – which run until February 4, 2024 – and here’s what we found…

MSI Back To School Gaming Laptops

While not all academic institutions welcome potentially distracting and aggressive-looking gaming devices in their classrooms, older students aren’t bothered so much and users tend to look after their precious devices much better when they know they’ll also be relying on them in their downtime.

First up is the MSI Titan GT77 HX 13VH-005AU. MSI’s 17-inch, beast of a flagship gaming laptop is available with a full-powered, super-fast, Intel Core i9-13980HX CPU, Nvidia RTX 4080 graphics and 2TB of fast storage. It’s down from $6,999 to just $5,399 – a saving of $1,600! – AND it comes with a high-quality free gaming backpack to carry it around, plus a gaming headset too.

MSI is also selling a variety of its super-popular Raider laptops with SKUs that peak with Core i9-13980HX CPUs and Nvidia 4090 graphics and carry savings of up to $2,500! You can pick up a model with 4070 graphics from just $3,999. All come with MSI’s gaming backpack and headset as an added bonus.

For those who fear that aggressive-looking, RGB’d-up gaming bling machines won’t suit their work, or learning, environment, there’s the excellent MSI Vector series which can fit into an office while still offering plenty of gaming prowess. There are multiple SKUs (and different sizes are available) and they too range from models with i9-13980HX processors and 4090 graphics (down $500 to $5,299) to notebooks with an i9-12900HX CPU and Nvidia 4080 graphics for just $3,192.

MSI Back to School sale.

Budget Gaming Laptops

At the more wallet-friendly end of the gaming laptop spectrum is the 17-inch MSI Pulse 17. This is available in multiple SKUs and includes a model with a speedy Core i9-13900H processor and Nvidia 4070 graphics that’s down $500 to $2,899. Its 15-inch sibling can be had with similar specs for $100 less while an Nvidia 4060 model is down $700 to $1,999 – that’s a steal!

Also available is MSI’s multi-award winning budget gaming laptop, the Katana 15. This is available in multiple SKUs, with discounts of up to $400 from just $1,799. They all feature at least Nvidia 4060 graphics and sport processors up to Intel’s mighty i9-13900H.

There are many SKUs of MSI’s Thin GF63 laptop and these still come with a free backpack and headset and start at just $899! Models with Core i5 and i7 processors are available and graphics peak at Nvidia’s 4060. Savings run up to $400!

MSI’s Alpha and Bravo budget gaming series have laptops that are available from just $999 for 15-inch models and $1,499 for 17-inchers. These AMD-wielding laptops are available with powerful Ryzen 7 processors AND Nvidia graphics up to 4070. They too come with free backpacks and headsets.

MSI Stealth and Creator Laptops for Creators and Gamers

MSI’s Stealth range is very attractive. These slim powerhouses look great, are comparatively portable and don’t compromise on performance or features. They also can come with designer-friendly Nvidia Studio drivers and screens that support 100 per cent of the difficult DCI-P3 colour gamut for colour accuracy.

There are 14, 15, 16 and 17-inch models available in MSI’s Back To School laptop sale and all come with MSI’s gaming backpack and headset. SKUs are available with CPUs that stretch up to Intel’s Core i9-13900H and Nvidia’s 4080 graphics and there savings of up to $2,500! A 14-inch Stealth currently is reduced by $1,000 to just $2,599 which is very attractive for a premium, portable, creator-gaming machine.

MSI also has its MacBook-killing Creator Z17 and M16 models on sale. These premium laptops look amazing, are thin, are very powerful and are available with touchscreens and a stylus. We found discounts of up to $1,700 and prices starting at just $1,899! They also come with free docking stations!

MSI Back to School sale.

MSI Prestige Portable Gaming Laptop Deals

A particular favourite of High Performance Laptops is MSI’s Prestige range. These portable powerhouses look great, potentially pack a real punch and yet remain highly portable. Models range from 14 to 16-inches and include Studio SKUs to suit design professionals. They also come with a free docking station in the sale.

Processors stretch up to Intel’s Core i9-13900H and can come with Nvidia 4060 graphics! The top-end model is down $400 to just $2,899 which is seriously impressive for a high-quality, portable game-friendly machine. It comes with a fast, 165Hz, UHD screen that also supports 100 per cent of the DCI-P3 colour space. Impressive! There are plenty of SKUs which include those with discreet graphics for just $1,299!

Business and Productivity Back To School Notebooks

For those who seek to perform more-sober, yet classy, business and productivity computational tasks, there’s the MSI Summit series. These are on sale at up to $500 off and include convertible tablets with a stylus. Some models even support 100 per cent of the DCI-P3 colour space which will please designers. It’s a diverse range with a broad appeal and MSI is giving away a free docking station in the sale.

Users who just want a high-quality, portable computer without all the bells and whistles should check out MSI’s Modern range. These 14-inch and 15-inch laptops come with Intel’s (still very good) 12th-Gen Core i5 and i7 processors and are available from just $799! MSI is adding a free backpack and mouse in the sale.

So, whatever your needs – whether they’re educationally related or not – there’s an MSI laptop at a huge discount waiting for you in MSI’s 2024 Back To School sale.

MSI Back to School sale.

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