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New MSI Gaming Laptops (2023) – The whole range explained

MSI held a launch to showcase all of its new gaming laptops for 2023. The event started off with introductions regarding the whole range of the new MSI laptops from from MSI Country Head, Jerry Lu plus Intel Australia’s Sales Development Manager, Joshua car and Nvidia’s John Gillooly. This covered Intel’s 13th-Gen processors and Nvidia’s 40-series GPUs. MSI Trainer Charles Garde then went on to describe the new MSI business laptops. In this article we’ll detail everything that was said about the new MSI gaming laptops for 2023.

The event started with Charles explaining the three main pillars that the new MSI gaming laptops had focused upon in 2023.

Introduction: 2023’s new MSI gaming laptops

Charles started by telling us what the core updates were before expanding on each category.

Redesigned cooling solutions – Charles mentioned that the cooling solutions specifically affected the models with heat pipes. The new 2023 models will have enlarged, shared heat pipes across core components in addition to individual ones that are dedicated to the CPU, GPU and VRAM.

16:10 Golden Ratio gaming displays – Charles explained how the games industry’s continued adoption of 16:10 resolutions had led to MSI adding new 16:10 gaming displays to the 2023 Raider, Vector GP and Stealth series gaming laptops.

Translucent WASD keys and Arrow Keys – It’s worth highlighting the quote that Charles made regarding this update:

We all know that every gamer out there knows one undeniable truth: design and RGB means better performance!

Charles Garde, MSI.

He continued, “So this year, you will see more translucent caps in the WASD, power buttons and arrow keys showing off all of the RGB in its glory, throughout our line.”

MSI’s Charles Garde announces the core 2023 considerations behind the new MSI gaming laptops.

He then went on to describe the entire MSI Gaming line-up from the, “Very top tier in performance to the very best in value. And, a lot of times, both.”

new msi gaming laptops range
The new MSI gaming laptops line-up for 2023.

Next, he went on to describe the range from the 2023 MSI Titan GT77 at the top to the brand new Cyborg gaming laptop at the bottom…

MSI’s top 2023 gaming laptops, OverBoost and Mini LED features

Charles moved on to talking about the new models within the 2023 range of the new MSI gaming laptops: the Raider GE Series and the Titan GT77 Series. He also described what was happening with the new OverBoost Ultra feature and Mini LED displays.

New MSI gaming laptops: Titan, Raider, OverBoost Ultra and Mini LED.

Here are the 2023 updates:

MSI Titan GT77 2023

MSI OverBoost Ultra – 250-Watt power spread across the CPU and GPU. This enables MSI to supply a stable 5.2GHz to all eight Performance cores in an Intel Core i9-13980HX processor.

Mini LED 4K 144Hz Display – This supports HDR 1000, a 4K resolution, a 144Hz refresh rate and Mini LED technology that is, “Brighter, with better colour accuracy and has a very high contrast ratio.”

MSI Raider GE67

Charles told us that the 2023 Raider has had a massive chassis redesign. This also encompassed a new 16:10 display plus a new ‘Matrix’ Light Bar. To be frank, we absolutely loved the old-style light bar on the previous Raiders. The move to a more ‘dot-matrix’ design may prove divisive. We suspect everyone will get used to it very quickly, though!

MSI Vector GP77

Charles mentioned that the thin, low-profile Vector will be getting some of these new upgrades but also mentioned that it will get even more, later in the year.

What to expect from the MSI Vector GP77 gaming laptop in 2023.

240Hz OLED display on more models

Charles also pointed out that last year’s, “Well-received and loved” 240Hz, OLED, gaming display would now appear on many more models, including the likes of the MSI Stealth 15 which is a, “Thin, light, value gaming laptop.”

MSI’s 240Hz OLED gaming display will even appear on budget gaming laptops in 2023.

New MSI Smart Touchpad

Charles also talked about the brand new, Smart Touchpad that would initially be launched as part of the 2023 MSI Raider GE78 HX. While it wasn’t available for a live demonstration, he ran through the benefits in the following video:

New MSI Smart TouchPad in the 2023 Raider GE78 HX.

The new Smart TouchPad has the following features:

  • Lights off when not in use
  • Programmable Macro Hot Keys
  • ‘Light-up’ proximity sensors when fingers hover over it
  • Can toggle a larger touchpad when needed

2023 Pulse and Katana gaming laptops

Charles also talked about the “Massive” and “Premium” redesigns on “Two of its most popular gaming laptops,” the Pulse and Katana. Both remain available in 15 and 17-inch models and have experienced updates to their chassis and keyboards.

The Pulse and Katana get overhauled in 2023 as part of the new MSI gaming laptops.

We’ve actually already reviewed the MSI Pulse, here. However, we’re particularly keen to hear about the new laptop that Charles was about to unveil at the end of the above video…

Brand New MSI Cyborg gaming Laptop

The new Cyborg will, according to Charles, “Provide value to gamers of every budget.” Charles mentioned that it was both CyberPunk inspired and took design cues from the c.2000 Nintendo GameBoy(!)

The new 15-inch model has a thin-and-light body that weighs less than 2KG. It has special, translucent key caps and, we’re assured, will catch everyone’s eye!

MSI’s new Cyborg 15 gaming laptop unveiled!

We’re looking forward to reviewing all of these new MSI gaming laptops asap, so stay tuned!

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