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EoFY Laptop Sales: The Best End of financial year laptop deals in Australia (2023)

It’s one of those times of year where the cost of buying a really good laptop plummets. You can literally save thousands of dollars on your dream machine, whether it’s a gaming beast, ultraportable beauty, requirement for school or indispensable tool. Here are the best EoFY laptop deals that have come across our desk. We’ll add more as we find them and if you find any more, let us know in the comments…

Best Lenovo EoFY laptop deals

Lenovo has some absolutely massive EoFY laptop sales on right now with one-third off the price of many models.

Lenovo Legion 5i Pro is the best gaming laptop

There’s also the excellent Lenovo Legion Pro 5i (Gen 8) which has one of the best screens we’ve ever seen and can be disguised to fit in an office. Its also down from $3,899 to $2,099!

Lenovo Yoga 7i review oblique view

If a big gaming machine isn’t your thing, check out our Number 1 Best Business Laptop which is also our Number 2 Best Portable laptop, the Lenovo Yoga 7i (8th Gen). This convertible is packed with performance and features and versions have dropped by more than $1,000 to $1,699.

Lenovo ThinkPad Z13 review underneath

Another great portable powerhouse from Lenovo is the Z13. This is currently down from almost three grand to $2,089.

Lenovo Ideapad Slim 1 front

If money’s particularly tight, then know that you can currently pick-up a Lenovo IdeaPad Slim for the near-giveaway price of just, [checks notes] $259!

Other Lenovo EoFY laptop deals

Lenovo EoFY laptop sale modelDiscount
Ideapad Slim 3 14” Intel42%
Ideapad Flex 5 14” Intel34%
Yoga 7 (14″, Gen 8) AMD31%
Legion Pro 5 16IRX8 I7 32G 1T 11H27%
LOQ 15IRH8 I5 16G 512G 11H23%
Legion Pro 7 16IRX8 I9 32G 1T 11H33%
IdeaPad Slim 5 (15″, Gen 7) AMD35%
Yoga 6 (13″, Gen 8) AMD37%
Legion Pro 5 16IRX8 I7 16G 1T 11H37%
Legion Slim 5 16APH8 R7 16G512G11H26%
Lenovo EoFY laptop sale.

Dell & Alienware EoFY Laptop Sale

Dell is another vendor that loves to have massive sales. Here’s the primary link to its massive EoFY laptop sale.

Highlights include an Inspiron for $580, the amazingly portable Dell XPS 13 for just $1,496. If you want the higher-end version, there’s also a Dell XPS 13 Plus for $2,297 plus, a whole bunch of business-friendly Vostro laptops and G-series gaming laptops.

Alienware m16 R1 review rear

There are also some Alienware branded gaming laptops including the AMD version of our recently reviewed Alienware m16 R1. There are many variants with fast, Nvidia GPUs (including RTX 4080)s that range from $2,848 to $4,148. That’s HUGE discount.

Acer End of Financial Year Laptop Deals

Acer has deals on at both it’s online store and at Harvey Norman:

Acer Online Store laptop deals

Harvey Norman Acer notebooks

More Acer EOFY deals can be found, here: 

MSI’s EoFY Laptop Sale

MSI’s latest EoFY 2023 laptop sale has all manner of cool discounts across the range. Discounts are huge and span the entire range, from ultrportables, through value models to full-blown gaming laptops. Save up to $1,900!

msi eofy laptop sale deals
Click to see MSI’s EoFY Laptop Sale.

We’ll add more deals as we find them…

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