data3 microsoft surface award

Data#3 wins 2 Microsoft Surface Awards

Brisbane-based Data#3, an Australian technology services and solutions provider, has won two Microsoft Surface accolades: Microsoft Surface Reseller of the Year for Asia and Microsoft Surface+ Worldwide Partner of the Year (for the second year running).

This follows hot on the heels of another high-profile win in June, where Data#3 was awarded the Microsoft Surface PC Reseller Worldwide Partner of the Year.

Data#3 is the largest Microsoft Surface partner and the most significant contributor to Microsoft Surface growth across the Australia-New Zealand region.

Scott Gosling, Data#3’s National Practice Manager for Microsoft said, “Receiving these prestigious Microsoft Surface awards is a testament to the unwavering expertise, dedication, and hard work of our talented teams. These accolades reaffirm our position as a leading Microsoft technology solutions provider and we look forward to continuing to deliver exceptional outcomes for our valued customers.”

Data#3’s John Tan, Chief Customer Officer, said. “We have made significant investment across people, programs, solutions, and customer success to ensure that we are delivering Microsoft-based solutions that meet the demands expected from a modern workforce.”

He added, “The development of our expert team, combined with our world-leading as a service strategy, has been instrumental in securing this achievement. This has been a huge team effort and everyone from sales through to delivery has played a pivotal part in this success.”

The company has years of experience providing devices to government and business customers, with a track record of quality-assured processes. Data#3 ‘Guarantees that customers have the devices they need, exactly when they need them’ and is made possible by their supply chain and logistics specialists, who operate across three states.

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