Intel Launches Lunar Lake Processors

Intel Launches Lunar Lake Processors

Intel announced its new Lunar Lake processors at its pre-Computex, 2024, Tech Tour in Taipei. The two-day event demonstrated how every element of the 14th-Gen Meteor Lake CPU had been upgraded and tuned with an eye on maximising peak performance, power efficiency and performance-per-Watt.

We’ve spread extensive coverage across High Performance Laptops and iTWire. Here follows the keynote and links to the deeper-dive articles on the technology advancements within the new processors.

Intel Launches Lunar Lake Processors.

The keynote says that the new processors have had all unnecessarily complex technologies removed – including HyperThreading – and that battery life will be ‘Extraordinary’ – even in the context of Qualcomm’s CoPilot+ PCs promising battery life of almost 30 hours(!)

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The new laptops should start shipping in Q3 2024 and we look forward to reviewing them, then.

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