Intel Tech Tour QandA on CoPilot Plus

Intel Leaders Answer Questions About Arm-Based CoPilot+ PCs and Laptops

While the official unveiling of Intel’s Lunar Lake processor architecture has been on the cards for some time, there’s little doubt that the combined Microsoft-Qualcomm CoPilot+ PC announcement of the previous week initially stole some of its thunder. That didn’t last long, though.

To Intel’s credit, its Lunar Lake keynote presentation, at its 2024 Intel Tech Tour conference in Taipei, stuck to its guns and nobody avoided nor derided the earlier announcement. There was even a (refreshingly candid) Q&A right after the keynote where the following answers were given to two related questions regarding the forthcoming Lunar Lake versus Arm face-off on the CoPilot+ PC battleground.

The first straight-up asked, how is Lunar Lake going to be as performant and efficient as the new Arm chips? (which launched with claims of nearly 30-hour battery life).

Arik Gihon, Intel’s CPU SoC HW Architecture Lead, replied, “So, versus Arm, you’ll see at the launch exact numbers and comparisons. We didn’t compare specifically versus Arm. We did compare against our previous generation and we do see significant improvements.

“We will be competitive and you’ll see at launch the exact differences in each of the vectors, CPU performance, GPU, Ai and so on.”

Michelle Johnston Holthaus (Executive Vice President and GM of Intel’s Client Computing Group) clarified, “Obviously, the Snapdragon (part of your question specifically) isn’t commercially available. When it’s available, we’ll put in our labs. However, all of our statements are based on what they have publicly announced. And the comparisons we’ve been able to do in our lab with Lunar Lake were versus their public statements.”

A subsequent question from PC World queried the advantage of owning a Meteor Lake PC in the generation of CoPilot+ – would buyers feel short-changed as only Lunar Lake had enough Ai TOPS processing power to meet Microsoft’s CoPilot+ PC requirements?

Michelle responded, “Well, there’s a lot of assumptions in that question but not the only Ai advantages are CoPilot+. There’s a lot of things that people want to do with Ai that Meteor Lake can actually take advantage of and I think we would argue, in a few years, based on where the software will improve, that Meteor Lake will be available on CoPilot+ as those language models become more and more efficient.

“You can also use the cloud. We’ve only talked about the fact that there’s some workloads that would be more efficient if you run them on your PC and then there are times when you are going to want to go to the cloud. So, I think anybody who bought a Meteor Lake PC is really future proofing – making sure they have Ai capabilities today.

“You know, most of us haven’t seen CoPilot+ PCs en masse yet. And so, I think they really need to understand what it is that users want to take advantage of in that operating system… which things are going to be most important.

“Obviously we’ve been working with Microsoft. We’ve ensured that Lunar Lake meets all the specifications for CoPilot+, but I think it’s going to be a little overstated to say that everybody needs a CoPilot+ PC, I think we really need to look at how is each individual user going to use it? What are they going to do with AI? And then we really need to define those products for the users.

“There’s a lot of people out there, buying PCs today, that are never going to use Ai. Right? That’s why we say you first have to have a great and modern CPU, that’s got a great NPU and a great GPU. And so, I think there’s something for everyone and we’re going to have to really learn what that means, what users demand, and what become the most popular, killer Ai apps over time.”

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