Here are High Performance Laptops’ Dynabook laptop reviews. These include the Portégé and Satellite brands.

  • Dynabook Portégé X40L-K review

    Dynabook Portégé X40L-K review

    We’ve been impressed with Dynabook’s Portégé laptops which have kept true to the original Toshiba designs that revolutionised the world of ultraportable laptops back in the 90s. Now, here’s the latest Dynabook Portégé X40L-K, a business-designated, 14-inch laptop with a ‘Dark Tech Blue,’ aluminium livery. It looks smart and is a smidge more vibrant than…

  • Dynabook Satellite Pro C50-H laptop review

    Dynabook Satellite Pro C50-H laptop review

    Dynabook is the evolution of Toshiba’s laptop division which subsequently got bought by Sharp… another great name in notebooks… at least in Asia. We recently reviewed the company’s Portégé X30W-J 2-in-1 laptop-cum-tablet and were impressed. Now here’s the Dynabook Satellite Pro C50-H which is more of an affordable, general productivity device. So, should you buy…

  • Dynabook Portégé X30W-J 2-in-1 laptop review

    Dynabook Portégé X30W-J 2-in-1 laptop review

    We were big fans of Toshiba’s Portégé range of laptops. When laptops first got popular, the category was full of fugly-looking portable boxes that weren’t light and had no battery life. However, the first Portégés – then made by Toshiba – largely resembled the modern laptops of today, which is incredibly impressive for late-1990s’ tech.…