Here are all of our Razer Laptop Reviews which cover all of the company’s Blade gaming notebooks.

  • Razer Blade 14 review (2023)

    Razer Blade 14 review (2023)

    It’s been a long time since we’ve reviewed a Razer laptop – the company hasn’t been very ‘focused’ on the Australian market for the past year or so. However, AMD has sent us the brand-new Razer Blade 14 which is a former Best Laptop… albeit a long time ago. How will the latest refresh fare…

  • Razer Blade 14 review (2021)

    Razer Blade 14 review (2021)

    Everybody likes the look of Razer’s gaming laptops. That may be why they’ve barely changed in years. However, they have had some issues – they can get hot, loud and whiny because of the beefy hardware inside and this has put some people off. Now, here’s the latest Razer Blade 14 and it’s got a…

  • Razer Blade 15 Base Model review (2021)

    Razer Blade 15 Base Model review (2021)

    The Razer Blade 15 Base Model 2021 is a cool-looking, CNC-milled, black, anodised aluminium laptop with sharp lines and high-contrast, green colour accents… just as it was when it first appeared in 2018. The latest 2021 model has updated innards but in the highly competitive world of high performance laptops, is it still competitive? Key Specs of the Razer Blade 15 Base Model 15.6-inch, matte,…