Venom BlackBook Zero 14 Phantom Unboxing (2024)

Unboxing the Venom BlackBook Zero 14 Phantom laptop

We’re excited to have another Venom laptop in our labs… it’s been a while. But, there’s a good reason for that. Unlike most other laptop manufacturers, Venom doesn’t refresh its notebooks every few months: it makes one, solid, dependable design that will remain in market for years. How many years and how dependable does the company think its latest Venom BlackBook Zero 14 Phantom laptop is? Well, put it this way, you can trade it in SEVEN years after owning it for a guaranteed $500 cash back! We’ll be covering this laptop in detail, starting with the unboxing.

Unboxing the 2024 Venom BlackBook Zero 14 Phantom laptop.

Venom was founded on a principle whereby technology shouldn’t be disposable and the best way to avoid e-waste and wasteful manufacturing was to make a laptop that lasts. That’s achieved by using quality components and to (where possible) re-use the chassis, keyboard, screen and other salvageable elements in a refurbished laptop to sell again – instead of the usual breaking everything apart to recycle and reprocess them (or chuck it in a landfill) process that infests much of the tech world.

In the interim, consumers and businesses can make use of a very high quality laptop that can reliably perform its general computational and duties with aplomb for several years, if they take care of it.

Venom is an Australian-based laptop brand that sells to the world. We’ll be adding our First Look review shortly but, for now, here’s the quick, sub-one-minute, unboxing video. If you can’t wait to find out how good it is, you can go and order one from Venom Computers.

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