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LG Gram Style laptops are apparently available in Australia but where are they and are they any good?

We saw two, different-sized, Intel-Evo-certified LG Gram laptops at a launch in mid June, but getting hold of them has been a major issue. The subsequent press release stated that two versions of one of them – the 14-inch LG Gram Style – have become available in the market… and they have. However, at present, there’s not a single, easily available local review of the Australian-spec’d models online in Australia. So, are they any good?

The company says that these, latest, 14-inch, LG Gram Styles are ‘design-led’ laptops that have been created, “For those on-the-go, featuring a super sleek iridescent white body.” In the brief time we had with it (and it’s larger sibling), both did indeed look very good and feel incredibly lightweight.

No battery-life figures were given at the launch event, but the subsequent press release stated that the 14-incher’s [large-for-the-thin-chassis] 72Wh battery “Can travel from day to night without the need to pack a charger.” We hope it can last 10-hours and beyond – as with many rivals – but we’re often surprised and disappointed in this area, after testing. The issue is also slightly clouded by the two different specs.

LG says, the 14-inch LG Gram Style, “Continues the company’s legacy of supreme portability with sleek, ultra-light designs, while celebrating self-expression without compromising on performance – and now, without compromising on style.” LG also says that the finish changes colour when viewed from different angles. LG laptops haven’t made much impact in Australia before now, but we’re hopeful that the current models can be a breath of fresh air.

Brad Reed, Head of B2B Marketing (Solutions for Business) at LG Electronics Australia said, “The LG Gram Style is a testament to deliver products that are personalised to each LG customer. With the latest addition to the LG Gram range, LG is delivering personal technology devices that want to express themselves through personalistion, without compromising on the tech features they need… It will support LG customers through their needs for work and play, equipped with smart technology to support the multitasking needs of busy, on-the-go Australians.” 

LG also noted that the LG Gram Style is the first LG Gram laptop to feature a 14-inch OLED screen… which is good, but surprising considering the company’s leadership in this space and the number of OLED-based laptops already on the market, especially from the likes of Asus. It also supports 100 per cent of the tricky DCI-P3 colour gamut which designers and Creators will like. 

LG’s announcement also says that both 14-inch models’ screens have gamer-friendly 120Hz refresh rates and a fast “0.2ms” pixel response time which should suit any buyers that are wanting to play games on them. We can’t say what those games will be for sure, because we still can’t test them. They’ll certainly be limited to casual and competitive titles though. It should also be noted that the specs below say the LG Grams have 90Hz screens. In our experience 90Hz is noticeably better than a standard 60Hz screen, but it’s not quite in gaming-screen territory.

The specs suggest that some casual and competitive gaming will be possible – but it’s hard to say for certain when we look at similarly-spec’d laptops on our Best Portable Laptop group test. LG says that its 6,000MHz of “lightning-quick memory” will, “Create a smoother transition [speed]” but, while that’s certainly speedy laptop memory, its potential effect on this element of gaming-display performance is a stretch.

LG also suggests that an anti-glare coating will banish distractions which, presumably, means reflections in low-light scenes. That would certainly be very welcome, but we’ve yet to see that manifest on any rival OLED laptop.

Potentially impressive is the, “Seamless haptic touchpad that stays hidden when not in use and illuminates a soft LED backlight at the slightest touch.” LG says that it’s particularly useful during streaming, but we’ve yet to test this properly. Our initial impressions were positive, though.

LG’s release says that connectivity on both models includes two Thunderbolt 4 ports, two USB-A 3.2 Gen 1 ports, an HDMI port, a headphone jack and a MicroSD card slot – but only as options. The specs list below, and on the online-store specs we’ve seen, suggest that these connectivity ports are locked-in and that the only difference between the two, 14-inch models is the processor.

Indeed, the two, 2023, LG Gram Style laptops, which are snappily named 14Z90RS-G.AA74A and 14Z90RS-G.AA54A, see the latter equipped with a cheaper, 3.4 – 4.6GHz Intel Core i5-1340P CPU with four Performance cores and eight Efficiency cores, while the more expensive option has a 3.7 – 5GHz Intel Core i7-1360P processor. Beyond that, both laptops are the same but the lower-powered model will likely have superior battery life.

At present, the 14-inch, LG Gram Style laptops are available at JB Hi-Fi with the lesser costing $3,399 and the i7 version costing $3,699. These aren’t low prices and they’re in a crowded market of impressive ultraportables. However, we have high hopes for these new LG Gram Styles. Hopefully, we can properly review one soon.


lg gram australia specs
LG Gram Style specs

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