MSI Pulse GL66

MSI Pulse GL66: First Look

We recently took a look at MSI’s Sword and Katana notebooks and struggled to tell them apart. Now here’s the MSI Pulse GL66 – how different is it?

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The official blurb states…

With new livery designed by Maarten Verhoeven – the 2018 ZBrush World Competition Champion – MSI is unveiling its new GL66 and GL76 Pulse laptops. Verhoeven specifically designed the titanium power-armour inspired by Pulse energy for the Dragon Army to enhance agility and flexibility. The laptops use the Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 Laptop GPU along with a redesigned heat pipe and integrated MSI thermal grease which generates more airflow at lower temperatures. An independent number pad rounds out the user experience.

MSI Tech meets aesthetic announcement.
Verhoeven designed the Pulse's mascot.
Verhoeven designed the Pulse’s mascot. However, the red keyboard is a smidge confusing.

Beyond some superficial design flourishes it’s basically a Sword and Katana with different graphics and a blue keyboard. Consequently we’ll simply post a gallery here and recommend you read our first look of the MSI Sword.

Front view
From the front the MSI Pulse GL66 looks very much like its siblings. Note the detail on the trackpad and the brushed stripes that frame the keyboard.
Keyboard and trackpad on the MSI Pulse GL66.
We’re fans of MSI’s SteelSeries keyboards and accurate number pad.
Left view
MSI Pulse GL66 to the left…
MSI Pulse GL66's right.
… to the right.
Underside and power brick.
Underside and power brick.
Lid designed by Maarten Verhoeven – the 2018 ZBrush World Competition Champion.
The livery has been designed by Maarten Verhoeven, the 2018 ZBrush World Competition Champion. However, his main contribution is the detailed etching on the metal lid. It’s subtle but classy.

You can see the full specifications of the MSI Pulse GL66 by clicking here. They’re essentially the same as those of the MSI Sword and Katana which can be found here.

We couldn’t test the laptop as it was an engineering sample but it did have all of required parts and we’re hopeful for another high performer that doesn’t get too loud and comes in at a reasonable price. Check back to High Performance Laptops for the full review.

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