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Lenovo and Peratech announce force-sensitive keys on Legion laptops

Top end SKU’s of Lenovo’s popular Legion gaming laptops will now be available with Peratech’s force-sensing W-A-S-D keys which perform differently according to how much pressure is exerted on them. The technology will be available on the latest Lenovo Legion 7-series gaming laptops.

Gaming Business Development Manager ANZ at Lenovo, Ben Williams, said of the announcement, “PC Gamers are keen to take full control of their gaming experience. Force-sensitive controls have become standard on gamepads, allowing greater depth of gameplay, but it is extremely exciting that we have added this layer of control to the Legion 7i and 7 laptops. This level of control goes even further in true PC Gaming-fashion by providing full customisation of the sensitivity percentage, with up to 3 different actions triggers, and even completely individualised profiles for each game. This is what gamers expect, and I’m delighted we can deliver on our flagship Legion Gaming Laptops.”

The announcement states that, “Leading innovator in tactile-based user interfaces for high-performance electronics,” Peratech is providing its Force Keyboard hardware technology and Hydra user interface software to, “Deliver a more immersive, engaging gaming experience.

It’s the first to utilise a full-analog response which enables players to, “Engage with games on a much more intuitive, physical level by extending the simple on/off switch of a standard key to unleash the full range of force in real-world interaction.”

Peratech CCO, Jim Thomas, said, “Imagine driving down your local highway and your accelerator is restricted to just 2 options, ‘off’ or ‘full speed.’ Reality-based physics calls for acceleration dependent on how hard you press on the gas pedal, or how hard you turn the steering wheel. This is the difference Peratech intelligent tactile sensing makes.”

With regards to the effects on straightforward typing, he adds, “The key to the experience is how we leverage Peratech’s ability to bring sensing technology and advanced controller software together to deliver the full, immersive gaming experience in notebook PCs while preserving the existing typing experience. The force keys and non-force keys feel the same because they are the same. From the force standpoint, the accuracy, consistency, and key uniformity brings a console-style game controller experience without your hands leaving the keyboard. This is exactly what everyone has been asking for in the PC gaming community.”

There may be some concerns regarding how PC games, which are well used to working with keyboards’ digital, on/off switches, might respond with the new actuation system but time will tell.

In the meantime, Alex Baker (Peratech VP of Product) says, “The key is our Hydra user interface software. Combined with the dynamic range of our tactile sensing solution, Hydra gives all users a better out-of-the box experience. For the advanced gamers and influencers, Hydra gives Pros the ability to show how they play the game with its Xbox [360 Game Bar] widget. Add Hydra’s ability to share custom-tuned gaming profiles, and Pros can engage users and extend their brand more than ever.”

We’ll be looking forwards to test the new features on Lenovo Legion laptops as soon as we have them!

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