why the MSI Raider GE68 HX 14V is great

What’s so great about the MSI Raider GE68 HX 14V?

Since we started High Performance Laptops, one of the consistently most popular laptops we’ve reviewed on the site has been MSI’s Raider. This is arguably MSI’s flagship laptop, offering superlative features, ergonomics and performance alongside head-turning looks. Now, MSI has commissioned us to tell you what’s great about the latest, 2024 model. Here’s what you need to know…


You can tell that MSI spends more time than normal styling its Raiders as there are design flourishes everywhere you look, including underneath. Whether it’s the red strips, gold lines, textured chassis, ornate vents, RGB touches or that, y’know, massive Mystic Light disco bar at the front, there’s an element to raise your eyebrow and make you know you’ve bought something special. What’s more, while the RGB bling elements are impressive enough to win a catwalk contest at a gaming LAN, you can also get away with it in an office just by turning the lights off.

MSI Raider GE68 HX 14V oblique front copy
The 16-inch MSI Raider GE68 HX 14V looks awe-inspiring with the lights on. But, turn them off, and it’s (almost) sober enough for the office.


The latest Raider, as we’ve come to expect, has uncompromising features and ergonomics. The screen is a very-high resolution (3,840 x 2,400) mini-LED display which gets very bright, provides vibrant colours, offers near-OLED amounts of contrast and true blacks – but without the distracting, reflective, glossy surface (which can also exacerbate eye fatigue in some environments). Despite the resolution, it provides a quick, 120Hz refresh rate which combines with a fast pixel-response time to keep fast-moving objects rendered silky smooth, when gaming.

One of our favourite features is its Windows HDR compatibility. This dramatically improves contrast and, subsequently, immersion, when watching movies and playing games – more details get revealed in bright and dark areas and highlights pop-out of the screen. It also has the side-effect of keeping transitions and colour gradients smooth and step-free – something that everyone, especially designers, will appreciate (they’ll also like that it supports 100 per cent of the difficult DCI-P3 colour gamut).

Above the screen is a high quality Full HD webcam which, along with the AI-augmented microphone array, helps capture crisp and clear audio when conferencing or streaming. It also has a hardware privacy shutter (which is bright orange) so you can easily see when your privacy is fully protected for peace of mind.

The Dynaudio and Nahimic-enhanced speakers are also hugely impressive – all four of them! There are two 2-Watt modules and two, 2-Watt woofers which provide very well-rounded punchy audio with a heap of bass. They make music, movies, games sound terrific.

The SteelSeries keyboard is one of the most comfortable and fully featured that you’ll find anywhere. It doesn’t only look great with its per-key RGB backlighting (and translucent WASD key caps), it has a full number pad and numerous useful shortcut keys for things like media, power, gaming and feature shortcuts.

Connectivity includes the latest Wi-Fi 7 technology for reliable, low-latency, super-fast connections at distance. There’s also Bluetooth 5.4 and a plethora of useful wired connections including Thunderbolt 4, HDMI 2.1, an SD card reader plus 2.5GbE LAN. It’s got everything a high performance computer user – especially gamers – would want.


Under the bonnet is one of Intel’s brand-new, 14th-Generation desktop-grade processors, the Core i9-14900HX. This has eight Performance cores and 16 Efficiency cores that run across 32 threads. It’s backed up by a generous 64GB of fast, DDR5-5600 RAM and a large, fast, 2TB NVMe hard drive. Oh, and there’s also Nvidia’s top-tier GeForce RTX 4090 graphics chip (with a massive 16GB of GDDR6 RAM) for playing the latest and greatest games at full eye candy settings. This thing is fast no matter what you throw at it.

Of course, many laptops dial-down the power when they have such components – they don’t want to get too hot and for stability to subsequently suffer.  However, the MSI Raider GE68 HX 14V can provide a dedicated 175-Watts to the GPU and 65-Watts to the CPU so there’s no compromise in performance. This, combined with MSI’s bespoke, Cooler Boost 5 system (which uses two, larger fans and six, broader heat pipes) means the MSI Raider GE68 HX 14V can run stably whether cool and quiet or hot and loud, as required.

It’s also worth noting that MSI’s AI Engine helps to ensure you’re only using the power you need. It can turn-off the discreet GPU and dial the CPU down to 1.6GHz (from a top Turbo speed of 5.8GHz!) to prolong battery life when you don’t need peak performance. And… what a battery it is… at 99.9Wh it’s as large as it can be, meaning you can perform plenty of computing tasks, away from the mains, throughout the day.

MSI Raider GE68 HX 14V oblique front underside
Even the underside of the MSI Raider GE68 HX 14V has had great attention to detail from the design team.

There are plenty of software benefits embedded within the MSI Raider GE68 HX 14V, too. MSI App Player provides a seamless gaming experience between your gaming laptop and mobile; MSI Center provides complete oversight on the Raider’s components’ performance and allows for simple performance mode switching, profile creation, easy updates and more; plus, there’s the brand new MSI Artist which provisions AI image generation locally on the Raider.

There are several variants so you can easily find the SKU that’s perfect for you. If you’re quick you can save up to $500 on the RRP AND get a free $50 Steam voucher!

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