Iris Gigabyte AI TOP Keynote

Gigabyte Unveils Train-Your-Own LLM and Ai Assistant at Computex (Full Keynote)

Gigabyte has announced Gigabyte AI TOP – a new technology that let’s you train your own Ai LLM – on day one of Computex 2024.

Gigabyte AI TOP is an all-round technology for Ai models to be trained on your own PC. It features an AI TOP Utility, AI TOP Hardware and the AI TOP Tutor, called Iris.

Joseph Zhong, Technical Product Manager for Gigabyte, presents on stage. Watch the full Gigabyte AI TOP Keynote here.

The AI TOP Utility is software with a friendly user interface and which supports up to 236B-parameter large language models while maintaining privacy and security. The AI TOP hardware offers flexibility and upgradability compared to traditional training solutions on the cloud and is suitable for standard electrical systems without extra cost in electricity construction.

Iris, the AI TOP Tutor, provides comprehensive consultation for AI TOP solutions, intuitive set-up guidance and tech support. All of these features aim to make Gigabyte AI TOP easily adopted by both beginners and professionals when starting-up their local Ai training projects.

A variety of Gigabyte products are featured in the AI TOP Hardware, including motherboards, graphics cards, SSDs and power supply units.

Gigabyte CEO, Eddie Lin, told the audience at the launch event, “Train Your Own AI on Your Desk… Gigabyte’s persistent pursuit in quality and reliability strengthens our partnership with leading silicon giants in making the world better with AI.”

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