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New MSI Business laptops and Creator laptops for 2023

At the recent launch of the new MSI laptops, we heard about how the new models, across the entire range, were benefiting from 13th-Gen Intel processors and 40-series Nvidia GPUs. MSI also went into more detail regarding its new Gaming laptops, Creator laptops and new MSI Business laptops. We’ll deal with the latter two in this article.

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New MSI Business laptops announced

MSI’s Charles Garde started off by introducing the new Business & Productivity range. In his address, he started by saying that there would be significant updates to the existing Prestige, Modern and the Summit lines. We’ve already done a 13th-Gen MSI Modern 14 review and look forward to seeing the other models – especially the new Prestige range which we feel are among the Coolest Laptops. Charles says that these models will suit all businesses, students and everyday users…

Charles also introduced the new MSI Studio-Certified Creator laptops but noted that models can also come from business, productivity and gaming lines.

He said that MSI’s history in giving effective cooling and high performance makes MSI ideal in the content creation space. He’s not wrong… They include:

  • Creator Z17 HX Studio
  • Creator Z16 HX Studio
  • CreatorPro Z17 HX Studio
  • CreatorPro Z16 HX Studio
  • Stealth 17 Studio
  • Stealth 16 Studio
  • Stealth 14 Studio
  • Prestige 16 Studio

As Charles said, that’s a veritable buffet of choice for users!

MSI Creator Z17 HX Studio

The flagship model is the Creator Z17 HX Studio. Charles said it delivers all of the performance that content creators, 3D modelers, architects and anyone who needs the most demanding creativity and productivity programs. It’s (naturally) powered by an Intel desktop-grade HX processor and Nvidia 40-series graphics for Studio certification.

new msi laptops 2023 Creator Z17 Studio
The MSI Creator Z17 HX Studio (win MSI Pen 2.0 magnetically attached to the side) along with the new MSI business laptops. Many of the business and gaming ranges have new Studio versions which tweak their chassis and transform it into a Studio-Certified laptop.

Still, he brushed this off saying that what makes it really exciting is the premium design which features a CNC-milled, 19mm aluminium chassis.

MSI Pen 2

The touch-screen Studio laptops are also compatible with the new MSI Pen 2 which not only uses Microsoft’s latest MPP 2.6 pen technology but has a graphite nib that works both on screen and on paper(!) There are 4,096 levels of pressure, a new haptic feedback motor for an ultra-realistic drawing writing experience.

MSI Prestige 13 Evo

Charles might have said that the Prestige 13 Evo was exciting for one simple reason, but there’s way more that makes this the pick of the new MSI business laptops in our mind.

new msi laptops 2023 prestige evo
It might be one of the new MSI Business laptops, but MSI’s top Prestige models are mighty tantelising with their Nvidia 40-series GPUs and mini-LED screen!

He said that its 990g magnesium-aluminium alloy chassis was the highlight – even the screw-placement was scrutinised! Despite its size, it’s even got a 75Whr battery in it!

We are big fans of the Prestige range although we’ve a particularly soft spot for the hot pink version. Still, even the previous, grey Prestige 14 Evo impressed us and it made our list of the best portable laptops.

The MSI Stealth 14 Studio A13V on display at the launch of the new MSI business laptops. A gaming device tailored for Creators. Awesome!

Prestige 16 Studio

Among the other new MSI business laptops Charles introduced, was the new, 16-inch Prestige 16 Studio. This offers more graphical grunt with its Nvidia 40-series GPU and has a more-colour-accurate, mini-LED screen than the regular business version.

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