new msi laptops 2023

New MSI laptops explained: Overview for the whole 2023 range

MSI held a large event called, ‘The Leap to Singularity’ to showcase the new MSI laptops for 2023. It included speeches from MSI’s Country Head, Jerry Lu, Intel Australia’s Sales Development Manager, Joshua Carr and (our former colleague) from Nvidia, John Gillooly. However, it started with impressive, erudite descriptions of the announcement from MSI FAE trainer (ANZ) Charles Garde. They introduced us to the ethos behind the new MSI laptops, the new 13th Gen Intel processors, the new Nvidia 4000-series GPUs within them plus a bunch of cool features that MSI was implementing.

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new msi laptops 2023 presenters
TV’s Andy Trieu and MSI legend, Ivy, kick off The Leap to Singularity launch of the new MSI laptops.

Charles Garde introduces the new MSI laptops for 2023

new msi laptops launch event location 2023
The Leap To Singularity event was held at Sydney CBD’s Event cinemas!

MSI’s Charles Garde introduced the new laptops. He explained the ethos behind their design which included ‘Extreme ‘High Performance,’ ‘Effective Cooling,’ ‘Luxurious Aesthetics’ and how this had led to an expansion into the Content Creation and Business sectors in addition to Gaming.

new msi laptops 2023 launch event location
The way to the event was paved with stickers and posters.

Charles also stated MSI’s Laptop Mission statement which was to, “Provide premium laptops with the highest performance, most innovative technology and best user experience.” His introduction of the new MSI laptops can be seen below (a transcript is embedded).

He included an overview of Intel’s new 13th-Gen processors and Nvidia’s new 40-series GPUs which feature on most of the new laptops. He highlighted the new Ada Lovelace architecture, new Ray Tracing experience, upgraded DLSS3 AI-accelerated performance and AV1 media encoding and decoding features. You can see this presentation (and click on its embedded, time-stamped transcript, below).

MSI Country Head, Jerry Lu’s speech

The launch event also saw appearances from MSI Country Head, Jerry Lu, who welcomed everyone and, amongst other things, announced a new gaming laptop range called Cyborg. Here he is talking about the new MSI laptops.

Nvidia talks up the new MSI laptops

John Gillooly, also gave a lengthy presentation about the new Nvidia technology’s laptop capabilities. This can be seen below. If you’re wondering about the chuckling at the beginning, it’s because he’s been introduced as having been in the industry for almost a decade. Yes… quite a bit over a decade…

Nvidia’s John Gillooly describes the new GPU technology in the new MSI laptops, for 2023.
new msi laptops 2023 lucky
Lucky the Dragon points the way to The Singularity.

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new msi laptops stealth 14 studio
There should be a word that means regretting taking all your photos and video in portrait mode when they really needed to be landscape, in retrospect. Nonetheless, here’s the new MSI Stealth 14 Studio. As you can see, it’s Pure White.
new msi laptops 2023 registration
Registration for the launch event. It felt like mini Computex.
new msi laptops 2023 prestige evo
The New Prestige 13 Evo with its 13th-Gen Intel i7-1370P processor was on display.
new msi laptops 2023 Creator Z17 Studio
The new MSI Creator Z17 Studio with its Nvidia GeForce 4070 GPU was on show along with a notepad with pencil marks all over it…
new msi laptops 2023 pen 2
… so was the MSI Pen 2 – with graphite nib – itself.
new msi laptops snakes and ladders
There were games galore at the launch of the new MSI laptops. Here’s snakes and ladders. There was also MSI Guess Who!

We’ll be looking forward to reviewing all of the new MSI laptops on High Performance Laptops asap!

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